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REVAMPED Eye Overlays


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Many of us have been there - we photograph a gorgeous horse in a barn aisle, only for the horse's eye to end up with a large reflection blocking the beautiful details of the iris and pupil. Depending on your personal preference, some photographers find these large reflections to be a distraction from the overall feel of the portrait (especially when you can see yourself standing with your camera in the reflection!) Sometimes, no matter the steps we take to prevent large reflections, as traveling photographers we are at the mercy of a bright environment outside of the barn.


A few years ago, I developed a Horse Eye editing pack which offers a range of eye overlays, which many photographers have found helpful in avoiding the painstaking process of trying to hand-draw the details of the eye back in over the reflection. As my technique has continued to progress and my collection of eye overlays has become higher in quality and variety, I've decided to launch a "revamped" version of the pack, this time containing 44 premade eye overlays that are higher quality, more detailed, and have more variety of angles, shades, brightness, and catchlights.


In addition to these 44 new eye overlays, I've also included a "Build An Eye" folder, in which you can choose from a variety of eye bases, a selection of catchlights, and a variety of eyelash overlays in various thicknesses, all of which are their own transparent PNG files. Being able to place and adjust each element of the eye individually allows for more flexibility in creating an overlay that better matches the horse's natural eye.


To top it all off, I've also created an "Eye Overlay Guide" PDF with tips on how to choose an eye, how to edit them onto the horse, and tips for helping the overlay look more realistic in the final image. 


In total, this Revamped Horse Eye Overlays pack contains 97 files including:

- 44 premade eyes (2000px at 300dpi PNGs)

- Various head angles (side angle, front angle, and 3/4 angle)

- A mix of eye shades, colors, iris/catchlight brightness, lashes/no lashes, and shapes

- "Build An Eye" folder containing:

  • 19 eye bases in various head angles, colors, etc.

  • 20 eyelash overlays in different thicknesses and colors

  • 13 reflections/catchlights in different harshness and brightness

- A 5-page "Eye Overlay Guide" PDF with tips on how to utilize these overlays 


Please note - a basic knowledge of how to use Adobe Photoshop to edit in overlays is recommended to successfully utilize this pack.

REVAMPED Eye Overlays

$225.00 Regular Price
$180.00Sale Price
  • 44 Premade eyes (2000px 300dpi PNG), 52 "build an eye" elements (eye bases, catchlights/reflections, eyelashes), "EyeOverlayGuide" PDF

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