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Katie Damon Photography is proud to work with Solo Equine, producer of the equine industry's highest quality bridles and halters.

The perfect way to accentuate the beauty of your horse, whether you're in the show ring, schooling, or during a photo shoot - all eyes will be on you and your well dressed horse!




"The newest double bridle to join the Solo X collection, the Solo X Solstice! Made from our eco-friendly, premium Italian leather, this double bridle looks great on almost every head shape. The beautiful, soft patent noseband tapers towards the sides, ensuring the noseband never appears bulky or overwhelming. This noseband is padded in our softest padding and is pliable and flexible right out out of the box!"


Ladies and Gentleman, the Solo X Senna! This bad boy is made from our premium Italian leather which is tanned in natural barks and oils, making it some of the highest quality leather on the market. Soft, supple and durable, this leather will have your horse looking great for years to come. The noseband is spongy, with delicious black patent leather and soft, plush black padding. 


A new addition to our snaffle line up, the Solo X Harmony has a beautifully contoured crownpiece, a stunning wave shaped browband which shines with Austrian stones, and a super soft tapered noseband. This noseband is one of our more narrow nosebands, so works great with a more refined head. The noseband and crownpiece are softly padded to ensure this bridle is comfy right out of the box.


"Hi! I'm Stephen Forbes and I'm obsessed with dressage! I live and breathe it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When I'm not immersed in Solo, you can always find me running our high-performance training and breeding barn in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada."

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