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with Katie Damon

"The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself -

the more you learn, the more you'll earn."



Deciding to invest into your skills & education as a professional photographer is a critical testament to your dedication & passion to your craft. It's the dream of photographers everywhere - to say goodbye to the 9-to-5 job and earn a living doing something you're absolutely passionate about doing. I'm a firm believer in continuing to build your knowledge and continuously learning new things - as I often say, you should never stop adding new tools to your tool belt!

Comparing a generic, non-equine specific tutorial on Youtube to a coaching session with an experienced professional in the industry is akin to buying a pair of generic boots from walmart instead of custom-tailored riding boots designed to fit your very unique and specific needs (I'd imagine my coaching sessions are like sliding into a pair of custom Botticellis). We'll go over the editing topics you feel you need to expand on, and I'll share my distinct techniques, tips & tricks along the way.


I began learning how to use Photoshop when I was a young teenager, and I've had a passion for horses for even longer. After decades spent learning and working as a graphic designer, and eventually a professional horse photographer, I'm now what you'd call a Photoshop "guru," which gives me a unique ability to create editing techniques which have become industry-leading.  



90 MINUTES - $395 | 60 MINUTES - $295

Session includes virtual one-on-one education. You'll be able to watch what I do on my desktop, and we can even go step-by-step through my process on one of your own images (email me your RAW or PSD file ahead of time).

Session includes your choice of primary and secondary topics:

  - Floor swapping

  - Background swapping

  - Editing eyes

  - Editing hair

  - Dodge & burn (making a horse POP)

  - Masking

  - Removing color casts

  - Swapping body parts

  - Compositing horses together




FINE ART - $2250

Session includes approximately three hours of one-on-one in-person education specifically geared toward how I create my ultra popular Fine Art portraiture; time is split between on-location horse photography, followed by a sit down session to go over image culling & basic editing.

Listed rate is for sessions based along the Colorado front range; an additional travel fee of $500 will be added for out of state coaching sessions. I am currently unable to offer in-person coaching sessions outside of the U.S..

Curriculum examples include:

  - Camera settings

  - Angles & poses

  - Shooting in a challenging barn

  - Image selection

  - Fine Art editing techniques

    and more!


Weekend Coaching Retreat


A fantastic option for you and another person of your choice - whether it's your significant other, a friend, a fellow photographer (or maybe your person happens to be all three?) both of you are certain to have an amazing time spent building your equine photography skills while also relaxing in a cabin with a view of the stunning mountains of Colorado!

Essentially a private mini-workshop, you and your person will fly into either Denver or Colorado Springs. Upon your arrival, you'll make your way to your private mountain cabin, which will serve as your "home base" during your stay. During the coaching portion of the weekend, you'll travel to a beautiful barn where I will walk you through how I photograph my Fine Art sessions and guide you as you shoot. The other half of your coaching experience is a sit-down editing session with me - similar to the photography component, I'll give you a walkthrough of my process and help you along the way.

Outside of your coaching hours, you'll enjoy relaxing in your private jacuzzi, exploring the nearby mountain towns, or grabbing your camera to photograph the wildlife that frequents the area.

Payment plan is available.

INCLUDES: Lodging for two nights (Friday night & Saturday night), in-person Fine Art photography and editing coaching sessions, and dinner with me at a restaurant on Saturday evening.

DOES NOT INCLUDE: Airfare, rental car, photography equipment, or meals other than Saturday evening



  - Transportation to/from Colorado airport & to/from coaching session +$100

  - DIY breakfast package for you in the fridge (eggs, bacon, bread, juice, fruit) +$45

  - Dressage under saddle photography session & walkthrough on Saturday +$125

  - Additional nights in the cabin (for your leisure only; no additional curriculum) +$300/n

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